Commentary: How Feminism Has Impacted Our Generation

Commentary: How Feminism Has Impacted Our Generation


Second-wave Feminism has hijacked western society, stealing women’s natural instincts of love and caring for the family. As a result, people are having less kids, less marriages, and promiscuity is prominent among young people.

Throughout history, women married in order to care for their husband and children. They are then satisfied by seeing their family thrive. The man’s role is to provide for his family which in turn, adores his wife. This is the natural heterosexual bond which has thrived for centuries until second-wave feminism was introduced in the 1970s. Feminism told women that men are oppressive and that the womens’ role in the traditional family is also oppressive and outdated. Women were told not to marry young, and go find a job instead. They were also taught to have premarital sexual relationships, as it was “empowering.” As a result, only half of Americans are married today, in contrast to 72 percent in 1962 according to Pew Research.
Women are now more depressed than ever according to the Wall Street Journal. More specifically, the Washington Post states that “women with higher authority in their careers are more depressed. Men not so much.” Could it be that the notion that the nuclear family is an outdated thought is causing all this? The studies speak for themselves.

As another result of feminism, women make up more than half the workforce, and women are more likely than men to get college degrees. These studies clearly articulate that the new gender roles are regressive. This shows that feminism is really a movement against family. The nuclear family which has thrived for generations is taking a big toll.

Now, I am not saying that women should be only confined to the home. I believe that women have the power to shape their own destinies. However, I do believe that the fact that over half our workforce in this country are women is harmful to our society and well being. Furthermore, feminism has caused women to be more promiscuous which has also transitioned into men as well. Promiscuity is well known to lead to depression in high school and college students, as stated by psychology today. Sex should be saved for marriage as a part of the loving bond with a significant other, and to be used for procreation, which is the ultimate point of sex in all species. Pre-marital sex abolishes the love aspect as it is just seen as a cheap thrill activity.

Promiscuity is rampant in our everyday lives, with popular culture promoting it in movies, music, and tv shows. This has influenced the “hook-up” culture in high school and college. A poll conducted by the Seeker showed that 33% of college students have had sex many times, and 12% have done it more than once in one day. In addition, 86% of respondents said that they have had sexual relations in college, and 10% percent said they have had more than 15 sexual experiences. These activities would have been very much condemned if we had been living in the 40s or 50s, but now they are seen as normal. If we continue these ways, humanity will take a toll.