Hand completing a multiple choice exam.

Katy Harris

The last week of school remains bittersweet due to how close, yet so far we are from summer. Although we all just want to be done, we have to get through the most stressful and agonizing week of the year. Finals week, second semester, the last week of the school year, is packed with the biggest exams that will ultimately determine our final grades.

For many, if not all, finals cause an undeniable amount of stress that seems a little excessive. For years, students have been talking about whether or not a student should be exempt from the final exam if they have an A in a class. Many believe they’ve earned the A already and should not have to do it again. Which, is very logical. The toll a final takes on a student is in some cases unbearable, so if it is avoidable then by all means we should avoid it, right?

When a student has put in hard work and dedication throughout the entire semester, having to do the work all over again seems pointless. Obviously this isn’t an easy decision and option for a teacher to make with all of the problems and disagreements it could cause, but I think that it should be discussed. Not only students, but teachers could also benefit from allowing those with an A to be exempt from the final. By not having them take it, they wouldn’t have to grade it, therefore saving a lot of time.

This is something that has been discussed only among students, but maybe we should push it further. If we do begin to implement this option, it could inspire and drive all students to work hard throughout the entire year so they can qualify for the exemption. This could ease, de-stress, and simplify the future of high school finals. Teachers should begin to think about the possibility.