College Admissions


On Wednesday, March 29, the Counseling Department held a College Admissions case study where students and parents learned what a good college application looks like. They started of by reading three different college applications and discussing which ones they thought would be accepted, put on the waiting list or denied. This was Vista’s first year holding this case study and it turned out to be a success.

Mountain Vista counselor Aaron Ragon worked with college representatives to put this event together.

“It was the first year we had done it here and I was really pleased with the turnout, we had about 200 people total,” Ragon said.

Ten college admissions representatives ran the case study to help show the students what a good college application looks like. For half of the night, parents and the students were separated and had to chose the applications that they thought would be accepted, put on the waiting list, or denied.

“My favorite part about the night was seeing the enthusiasm and walking around and hear mostly students discuss who they would chose and why,” Ragon said. “They showed a lot of insight and maturity and I appreciated their approach to the process, it was really successful.”

Everyone then came back together and learned which ones would be accepted and why. It was a helpful night for both students and parents because they got to learn about the college admission process and which type of application the students should write to get the best chance at being accepted.