Drake Coffman Archery


Katy Harris

Drake Coffman, 10, competed in the Rocky Mountain Archery Association (RMAA) Archery Tournament, placing first overall. The tournament took place at Quick Draw Archery and ran for two days, each day holding competitions.

On Saturday, March 4, Coffman shot a 298 out of 300, enabling him to move forward in the competition. On Sunday, March 5, Coffman competed again and shot a 598 out of 600, winning him the overall tournament title for quick draw archery, “It was great,” Coffman said, “Archery is more of a mental game than a physical one and I had to keep a good mindset.”

Moving forward, Coffman plans to continue competing and progressing through his archery career, “I want to continue practicing and playing in more tournaments,” Coffman said. “I’m building up for the future.”