Senior Clock

Senior Clock



As the school days fly by, many underclassmen look forward to Christmas break or becoming an upperclassman. However, for the class of 2017 there is only one day on their mind: May 17. The current countdown to graduation sits at 187 days, but many seniors began their countdown on the first day of school.

Although many seniors can’t wait to get out of high school and begin their lives, many have a bittersweet feeling when thinking about graduating.

“High school has been amazing, I’ve  loved getting involved and have made lifelong friends,” senior Maddy Decker said. “However, I’m excited to see what comes next in my life, I know college will be amazing and I can’t wait to see where I end up.”

There are several life milestones that happen in high school, such as getting your driver’s license, turning 18, lettering in a sport and especially graduating high school. However, the Mountain Vista senior class of 2017 are ready to experience the next chapter of their life and experience even more milestones, such as applying as well as getting accepted to their dream school, moving away from home and working on achieving a degree in their desired field of work.

“I applied to the University of Northern Colorado and University of Colorado Colorado Springs because they both have good nursing programs,” senior Sophie Buntin said. “It was an easy choice between the two because I got more scholarships from UNC, so it was a better option, the nursing program is [also] better there,” Buntin said.

Some seniors may argue that applying to colleges isn’t as hard as deciding which college to go to.

“I’m deciding between Iowa State University and Montana State University,” senior Graham Carroll said. “I’m weighing the pros and cons of each school. I look at the distance from home, prices and things I can do on campus,” Carroll said.  

For Most upperclassmen, knowing where to go to college is very difficult however, a select few knew from the moment they stepped on campus.

Senior Jaxyn McKesson is applying to four universities, but he only has one school in mind, Colorado State University.

“Colorado State University has been my number one since the summer after freshman year,” McKesson said.

Many upperclassman can’t wait to get out of high school, some try to reminisce or live in the moment, but for most they are just trying to take in their final year at Mountain Vista. “I’m going to miss the people in high school the most, it will be hard to say bye to my friends,” senior Kayla Rudduck said.

Since there are several days left, this senior class feels the excitement and continues to countdown the days until their time at Mountain Vista comes to an end.