Opinion: Donald Trump, For or Against?



The following articles are two differing views on the 2016 Presidential elect, Donald Trump, from two Mountain Vista Media students. 

I do not believe in discrimination. I do not believe in hate. I do believe that hatred cannot come from one person. Hatred and oppression cannot be forced by a single hand. A country full of hate will not be created by the Presidential elect. It stems from the heart of the country. The American People.

On November 8th, 2016 our country experienced an unexpected change. Donald Trump, a man world famous for his business success, won the 2016 Presidential Election.

I agree that he has absolutely uttered the controversial statements on many occasions, but do we really expect to find a person and elect them President unanimously who has absolutely neutral views and that no one will disagree with? Is this feasible? Let’s not forget that Hillary Clinton called Trump supporters “deplorables.” Neither party is innocent.  

I do not believe in discrimination. I think that as Trump heads into the White House he will have to silence his opinion on marriage equality and LGBTQ. But who are we to say he cannot have an opinion. Half of our country voted for this candidate, meaning half of us AGREE with his views, and half of us don’t. Not everyone is going to share the same views. That is impossible. But by hating each other for having these views we are discriminating.

For example if you believe in gender equality, and your neighbor does not, it is up to you to treat them fairly, just as you expect them to you. We focus immense portions of our attention on how we treat the LGBTQ community. What about how we treat the people who disagree? Each party should be respected for their personal opinions, otherwise this is discrimination.

This is a two way street. Both sides involved must learn to respect the other in order to “Trump Hate.” It is not up to Donald Trump to spur hate or inspire love. It will always come down to the choices of the people our President presides over. The American People.

I do not believe in hate. I believe that each person should be allowed to live their life in the style they please, at peace. I do understand the immense fear that comes with Trump’s anti-marriage equality views, but one person cannot change what all people think or believe in at their core. One person cannot teach all American’s to hate. One person cannot teach all people to destroy. It is up to the citizens of our beloved country to spread love, to refuse to allow discrimination and to come together as ONE.

Ever since the Presidential election there have been days of riots and protests. The people who are calling for peace are the ones robbing us of that. I am all for peaceful protests, but these past few days have done nothing but divide this country. Will we be able to repair?

If we want to spur peace in this country and stop racism and discrimination we have to come together. Dividing into two distinct sides and protesting a voted decision will not bring this change.

I do not have the answers to this issue. I cannot say who would be better suited to govern the United States of America, or who would satisfy every single person living in our country. But I do know that protesting and rioting in the streets is not peace. This will not solve our problems.

What I do know is instead of letting fear engulf us and taking to violence we should be spreading more kindness than ever.

This is my plea to you, if you want to stop the hate and discrimination in this country go to your local homeless shelter and donate, volunteer at your local Veterans hospital, spend your time at a children’s hospital, donate money to charity, smile at strangers, don’t post hateful comments on social media. By coming together and spreading love and hope, we can create peace all on our own. A President will not teach you how to love or hate. It is up to you to make a difference.  



Presidential Elect Donald Trump ran his campaign based off his slogan, “Make America Great Again.” After winning the election, people are beginning to wonder what this motto really means for America.

It’s the end of the world as we know it. No Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT). No Muslims or Muslim immigrants. If these statements represent Trump’s ideal America, then it would all be black and white without any individuality.

When looking at and analyzing these concepts there is one thing that comes to mind, is the president elect afraid of diversity?

After the results of the election, many rights of these groups will change in various ways.

“There can be no discrimination against gays. I’m against gay marriage.” Trump said to CNN. With this controversial quote in mind, will Trump persecute gays or stand to protect them?

When it comes to a Republican view on the LGBT community, Gregory T. Angelo, a Log Cabin Republican, has a different take on the matter.

“Evangelical Christians can have varying views on marriage equality, but when it comes to doing your job and living your life, there’s a great opportunity for people of goodwill on all sides to come to the table and strike a balance,” Angelo said to MSNBC. “It’s a complicated relationship that Trump has with the LGBT community, but if there was ever a group that can be said to have had a warm relationship with Trump, it’s LGBT individuals.”

Along with the LGBT community, the Muslim population of America could suffer major changes as well. Trump suggested on multiple occasions that there should be an American Muslim database and that they have to carry a card that identifies them by their faith.

“Tens of thousands of people are entering America with cellphones with the Isis flags on them, I don’t think so,” Trump said during the last debate of the election. “They’re not coming to this country if I’m president, Obama has brought some to this country and they’re leaving.”

Within 2 hours of Trump’s victory speech, multiple Muslim women who were wearing hijabs were assaulted. One case of this broke out at San Jose State on Wednesday afternoon. The victim, Doaa Abdelrahman was attacked while getting something out of her trunk in one of the university’s parking garages.

“I’ve experienced racism for my religion since age 9,” Abdelrahman said to Mercury News. “I think Trump is the cause of a lot of segregation and division between people. Racism has always existed, but now it’s fueled by Trump.”

Now that he has been elected, America has subjected herself to the judgement, racist, and terrible comments of Donald Trump. Will she crack before his mess of a presidency comes to an end?