Goodbye Neathery Manucci



Marketing teacher Neathery Manucci is leaving Mountain Vista after her second year of teaching to transfer to EagleCrest High School.  

MVM: What brought you to Mountain Vista? What did you teach? How long did you teach at Vista? How long did you teach in total?

Manucci: An opening in the Business Department is what initially brought me to Mountain Vista. After talking to people in the community about our school, I knew it was a phenomenal opportunity for anyone to have. The support our administration team has for co-curricular activities, such as DECA, was attractive to me as well. I’ve been teaching for two years now, both here at Vista.

MVM: Why did you decide to leave Vista? What do you plan to do after leaving Vista?

Manucci: Leaving Vista was a hard decision to make. Vista took a chance on me as a young teacher. I feel I owe a lot to our school, my student’s and the staff members that have invested in me over the past two years.

It’s no secret, however, Douglas County School District has made changes that have upset teachers, parents, and students alike. Some of the best examples of civic responsibility and how it related to marketing class were during the DCSD Board of Education elections. The writing on the back of car windows of candidate’s names and check boxes had people all over Colorado asking questions about the problems in our district. Even if you weren’t aware of the election, seeing that many people come together and become one force for change was brilliant marketing at a grassroots level. Navigating through this kind of overwhelming community disapproval makes other school districts with clearer pay scales and rewards for continued education a lot more attractive.

For these reasons I was ecstatic when Cherry Creek School District approached me to fill a position at my alma mater. I became hopeful again. I wanted to work in a more positive, friendly, and transparent school district. I also wanted to work in the community I went to school in, grew up in, and still know half the teaching staff.

MVM: Who was the most interesting person you met while teaching at Mountain Vista? Student? Coworker? Why?

Manucci: The most interesting people I’ve met at Vista are Pat McGuire, Mark Newton, and Kathy Reed- our fabulously hilarious copy lady. I’d tell you why I think they’re all so cool but that’s no fun. You have to find out for yourself. It’s worth it.

MVM: Aside from your last day in the classroom, can you describe a particularly memorable day you had as a teacher at Vista?

Manucci:  One of my most memorable days as a teacher at Mountain Vista was when we had a “DECA Kick-ball Kick-off Event.” It was the beginning of the school year and everyone was excited to be back together. Three of our very creative DECA Officers decided to make trophy’s for the winners of our kick-ball game. Kenny Wang, Zach Addison and Jonathan Nguyen, showed up to the game with a 1st place, 2nd place and Most Valuable Player trophy. 1st place received a gold spray-painted kick ball, 2nd place received a gold-spray painted pinecone and the Most Valuable Player trophy was a golden spray-painted rock. I thought it was perfect. We had so much fun playing our game that night and eating pizza afterwards.