American Students Study in Germany

American Students Study in Germany


Recent studies show that more and more American students are going to Germany for college. Some students go for the culture, but for a lot of them, the driving force is Germany’s free college tuition. That’s the deal that pushed senior Filip Pahs to apply.

Pahs has studied German since he was a sophomore. When Vista cut the German program, Pahs decided to take AP German through Oklahoma State University’s online program as an independent study. When he learned that college tuition in Germany is free, the decision to study there was pretty obvious.

“[Germany] has just as good as an education as in the U.S and I can’t afford any of the colleges that accepted me here [in the U.S.]” said Pahs.

Pahs plans on applying to the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich. LMU, as well as Heidelberg University and Humboldt University of Berlin, placed in the top 50 in the Times Higher Education World University Ranking. In order to be accepted into LMU, Pahs must pass a German proficiency test.

“The placement test that I have to take to get into the university is in September. I’m worried about studying in German. I have a feeling the first semester is going to absolutely suck.”

Yet despite his fears, Pahs is excited to study in Germany.

“I’m excited to live in a country that I never lived in before and meet students from Germany and all over the world.”
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