Broadway Star Visits Mountain Vista Theatre Students

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Denver born Broadway actor Matthew Dailey, currently the star of a touring production of 20150422_144002(0)
Jersey Boys,” came to Mountain Vista High School to talk to theatre students about his life and his experiences. Dailey’s previous productions include “Cats,” “Cinderella” and “Viva Vegas.” During his visit, Vista Now got his take on theatre and his life.

Vista Now: What does theatre mean to you?

Matthew Dailey: Personally, it means home. It’s all I know and care about. It’s a place where you can be what you want to be or have the chance to escape and be something else.

VN: What is your favorite musical of all time?

MD: “West Side Story.” If you take the story out of it, you have an awesome concert. If you take the music out of it, you have a wonderful play. Together, you have an amazing musical.

VN: Have you ever had a moment when everything went absolutely wrong on stage and how do you react when those moments happen?

MD: In “Jersey Boys” there are a lot of monologues and they are underscored. It’s not like a scene where you have people to save you. There are times where you have to improv in order to get to the end of the music. It’s all about staying calm.

VN: What does it mean to you to speak to high school students about theatre?

MD: It’s a chance to give back. It’s a chance to tell people about what I wanted to hear at that age. I can share my experiences and it’s different for everyone else. I also get to hear different people’s perspectives.

VN: What do you want to do in theatre going forward?

MD: I want to do what I have always wanted to do and will always want to do; support myself doing theatre.

More information on Dailey can be found on his twitter page, @mdailey88.