Freshmen Talk: Wish Week

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Wish Week is the time of year Mountain Vista High School (MVHS) sponsors a kid from Make a Wish Foundation to grant their biggest dream. For one week, MVHS puts on different events to raise money. How much do the freshmen know about this event and what is their plan to get involved?

The advertising leading up to Wish Week has hinted some information about this years kid. Asher is four years old, blind and has dysplasia. Freshman Allie Graham says, “Wish Week is full of activities to raise money for a kid that has a wish and a life-threatening disease.”

Freshman Taylor Cramer says to start with the basics, buying a Wish Kit. “Buying a Wish Kit seems like a great thing to do to help Asher. Besides, it comes with a pretty cool t-shirt.”

This purchase will allow Cramer into the majority of the events Wish Week has to offer.

The other freshmen are looking forward to the events for the week. “I am looking forward to going to the basketball games to support our team but also Asher,” Josh Bond explains, “Its cool we are able to help out a kid in need.”

Some freshmen, like Dani Mills, plan to participate in the events of the week. Mills will be competing in Vista Idol. “I will be singing ‘Say Something’ with my brother.”

In order to get the freshmen more involved, some of the freshmen English classes are holding a competition between the other classes during the Wish Walk. The Wish Walk is an event where each participant gets sponsored for a minimum of 25 dollarsScreen Shot 2015-01-20 at 7.31.48 AM to trek about a mile in the cold. The class with the most participants gets to have their party of choice.

The class of 2018 is ready to kick off MVHS Wish Week 2015. They are determined to grant Asher his dream and are excited to be involved in such a momentous event.