Student of the Week: Alec Yagey

Student of the Week is a series designed to help everyone at Mountain Vista High School IMG_9525learn more about their fellow classmates. This week: Sophomore Alec Yagey

Eagle Eye: What’s your full name?

Alec Yagey: Alec James Yagey

EE: Where were you born?

AY: Orlando, Florida.

EE: What is your favorite color?

AY: Blue.

EE: What is something people don’t know about you?

AY: My favorite movie is “Top Gun.”

EE: What do you do in your free time?

AY: I hang out with friends, play video games and stuff like that.

EE: What is the most interesting thing that has happened to you at school?

AY: I don’t know. Probably going to the Technology Student Association, TSA, nationals.

EE: What do you plan to do after high school?

AY: I think I’m going to go to college to major in engineering. I’m not sure what field yet.

EE: How do you balance doing TSA and football at the same time?

AY: It’s tricky. Since TSA doesn’t do much this time of year, I put it on the table because I have football practice every night. I then get more involved with TSA in November.

EE: You are tied for having the highest grade point average in your class. How do you maintain high grades with everything that you do?

AY: The key is staying ahead of everything. I get my homework done first, after football practice, and try to get it done early so nothing can come up and surprise me at the last minute.

EE: What got you interested in TSA?

AY: When I was in seventh grade my engineer teacher got me interested in it when I was in an engineer class. Now I’ve been doing it for about four years.

EE: What got you interested in football?

AY: I can’t remember. I started doing it in sixth grade and this is my fifth year.

EE: What did you do to get into TSA Nationals.

AY: At TSA state I did Promo Graphics. You basically design an ad for an event at the national convention with photoshop and design techniques.

EE: What did you do at nationals?

AY: Well, it was in Washington D.C so we toured the monuments and smithsonian. I didn’t really do much. I worked with a video production team for the event. One thing I did that IMG_9547was really cool was compete in the CO2 Dragster Race.

EE: What was that like?

AY: I took the car I took to state there, and I didn’t really do well at state, so I tried to improve at nationals and I succeeded.

EE: What are your goals for football?

AY: To keep having good games and to just get better.

EE: What are your goals for TSA?

AY: To have another successful state trip.