Dinner Plans at Mountain Vista for Valentines Day


42% of Mountain Vista Students have never had a Valentine before. Girls are always ready for the guys to step up and ask them to be their Valentine. They are single and ready to mingle.

Valentine’s Day allows guys to express their love and care for their girlfriends without any judgment. This is the one day that guys really get to show their feelings towards the girls they care about and love.

David Madden, junior, said if he could take his girlfriend anywhere on Valentine’s Day, he would take his girlfriend, Madison Heist, junior, to Paris.  David’s plan for Maddi would be to walk around Paris, and do some sight seeing.  David said that he would buy her a crepe from one of the vendors on the street because “those are the best.” He would take her on a gondola ride down the water with the moon shining just right, reflecting off the water.  “One of those perfect movie moments,” he says.

David would finish the night with giving her a bouquet of roses and a romantic candlelight dinner on top of the Eiffel tower. “Although going to Paris would be great, it is not a very realistic idea.   If Valentines day would mean getting to spend the day with the girl I care about and just getting to spend time with her then that is awesome.  She is such and amazing girl and I am so glad to call her mine.”