Mindful Monday


Roo was so very excited to be back with the kids.

Ashley Rodio

Calming Corners
As Wellness Week begins, students may come across one of the five unique “wellness corners” spread throughout the school. The zen room in the library has space to color and draw, whatever is needed to unwind. Right outside the library, could be found two therapy dogs, Finley and Roo, ready to cuddle and give kisses. Throughout the classrooms, teachers were given an assortment of glitter jars or calming jar to ease stress.Outside the 300’s, students could partake in short yoga sessions to stretch and relax. Finally, there was a small table near the counseling office with a basket of oranges for students to take and enjoy.

Principal Mike Weaver joined the yoga outside to search for some moments of peace. AD Blaine Haskell joined with the other students to help support the idea that a few minutes of focused time matters.

On the way out
Amy Cao, Keri Barnes, and Annie Romalia blow bubbles for students leaving the school on Monday as a part of Wellness Week. “[My favorite part is] the bubbles,” Cao said. This was a part of the many things students did throughout the day to promote Wellness for students in the Vista community.
And we’re back, Vista! The school’s annual “Wellness Week,” a spirit week rooted in the health, mental, and the physical and spiritual health of the students, kicked off with “Mindful Monday.” 

Organized by Interact Club, Key Club and DCSD Healthy Schools, students started each period with an announcement over the intercom, speaking of gratefulness and mindful moments. Zen music accompanied. Stickers were also handed out in the morning at the doorway with reminders to breathe and take a mindful minute throughout the day. 

One activity during the day included the Zen Room in the school’s library. Decked out with coloring books, calming music and the therapy dogs, the Zen Room gave students an opportunity to unwind and relax in a school environment. 

Yoga classes were another activity offered during the day, characterized by 15 minutes outside to breathe, stretch and think deeply. 

For Marlee Monday, “Be a Good Person” was the spirit theme and Sipp Soda visited the Vista commons during lunches to energize students. The day ended with mental health awareness in the air.