Wish Week Day 5: Friday


Spider-Man-themed Be A Good Person shirts flooded the hallways and a sense of anticipation floated throughout the student body as the closing assembly commenced. The moment third period was dismissed, seniors rushed to the gym, and underclassmen waited in the hallways for the performance to begin. 

Starting with senior AJ Giron playing Spider-Man, students see Rynn, the 2021 Wish kid being led through the hallways defeating Vista actors playing Marvel villains, such as Doc Ock, Venom, Rhino, Mysterio and Electro. Rynn assisted Spider-Man in defeating the villains at each corner of the school, while underclassmen cheered her on with every victory. 

Leading away from the hallways, Rynn, her family and the actors all moved to the gym, where the seniors could watch the final showdown. From acrobatics to ropes attached to walls, Student Leadership put together a convincing performance for Rynn, ending with Spider-Man saving his beloved Mary Jane, played by senior Anna Duffy.  

“All this week we spent probably eight hours a day at least working on the skits and decorations costumes makeup. I loved it,” senior Aiden McCauley, who played Venom, said. 

At the conclusion of the assembly, Administrative Dean Lindsay Jaffe made the big announcement: since the beginning of Vista’s “Wish Weeks”, the Vista community has raised one million dollars for the Make-A-Wish foundation. The total amount raised for Wish Week 2021 has yet to be announced.

Additionally, representatives from Make-A-Wish Colorado and the Be A Good Person brand visited Vista.

Even with the trials and tribulations Vista has gone through this year, including 13 schedule changes from March 2021, the school managed to go all-in for Rynn.

After school, the Wish Week celebrations continued, with No. 3 ranked varsity baseball blowing out No. 2 ranked Valor with a score of 6-0, and varsity lacrosse dominating Arapahoe 13-4.

“[It was] absolutely incredible. I’ve never seen anything at all like that. I didn’t even know anything like that was possible,” Rynn’s mom, Jen Michener, said. “I can’t even imagine the effort, the sleepless nights and the long, long days and everything that went into it. Absolutely incredible.”

Photos by: Danica Bradshaw, Emery Davis, Clare Fesker, Paige Gerling, Hannah Jenkins, Sydney Jenkins, AJ Magill, Andrew Marsh, Bell Piccirillo and Cammy Robertson

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