PHOTOS: Class of 2020 Graduation


Photo By Soren Brockway

Emery Davis and Soren Brockway


Lightning delays, social distancing and masks. The class of 2020 experienced a graduation unlike any other Mountain Vista High School has seen. On June 27, 2020, Mountain Vista seniors walked across the stage at EchoPark Stadium in Parker, Colo., stepping into their future lives after high school. 

Due to COVID-19, graduation for the class of 2020 looked much different than what the students envisioned at the beginning of the school year. Each student was only allowed two guests to ensure social distancing was maintained between spectators. Chairs on the field were arranged alphabetically, with six feet between each seat on every side. As students crossed the stage with their diplomas, they received an elbow bump from Principal Michael Weaver rather than a handshake. 

Though this year’s setup and mood was a little different than it was in previous years, it was still a regular graduation ceremony with several speakers. Just as one of the five speakers was approaching the podium to give their speech, an immediate evacuation was called because of lightning in the area. 

For half an hour, seniors and guests waited in cars as the lightning passed. Once the area was clear, graduates returned to their seats and the speeches continued without further incident. Speakers included Student Body President Colby Field, Student Body Vice President Kate Sherman, Principal Michael Weaver, DCSD Superintendent Dr. Thomas Tucker and senior McClain Easton. 

Along with speeches came artistic performances. Seniors Liam McChesney and Samantha Garvey performed pieces showcasing their singing skills, along with senior Emma Holt performing one of her poetry pieces. 

Though the school year’s abrupt and premature ending concerned students regarding end of the year activities, the seniors remained positive and, fortunately  were granted the graduation they have anticipated for 12 years. Regardless of the current epidemic and social justice war raging in America, anybody could tell the seniors were thankful to have walked across the stage on the cloudy day of June 27.