The People on Top


Photo courtesy of MVHS TSA

Alexa Purcell


The Mountain Vista Technology Student Association (TSA) spent a successful three days participating in over 70 competitive events pertaining to technology and engineering. Two Vista students, Riya Bhat, 10, and Jack Avner, 11, were elected by their peers to become a part of the TSA state council. 

Elected to be the Colorado TSA president, Bhat shares that her responsibilities include “helping to manage the state conferences, attending different events, and visiting schools, as well as helping them build their own TSA chapters.” 

Photo courtesy of MVHS TSA

The council traveled to the Colorado State Capitol Building where they spoke to senators about TSA, and how they, along with their children, can be involved in the program. While Bhat has significant power as the state president, she also recognizes that “it’s not only about having that power, but it’s also about making decisions that help benefit TSA in the future.” 

Bhat hopes to pursue a career that involves both technology and engineering, along with medicine. She shares that TSA is a very important program for not only her to pursue her future goals, but also students just like her. 

“TSA opens up a lot of opportunities to explore different careers and such, it has a wide variety of things from architectural design to fashion design,” Bhat says. 

She encourages other students to join the club and get exposure to the many different opportunities that TSA offers. 

The council’s vice-president, Jack Avner, also spent the weekend helping to manage and plan the state conference. Having the opportunity to be vice-president was a very meaningful experience for Adler. 

“People look up to you… you really get to show what TSA is and represent more than yourself on a larger scale,” Avner says. “It’s really an honor.”

Avner’s passion for science and technology has always been a major part of his life since a young age. 

“Since I was a freshman, I’ve wanted to go into mechanical engineering…that’s sort of what I’ve always wanted to do,” Avner says. 

Photo courtesy of MVHS TSA

Both Bhat and Avner spent the weekend participating in numerous events, delivering speeches and presentations, and learning new things. They plan to continue working diligently to compete at the national conference in June.