Wish Week 2020: Day Three Recap


Camila Fowler and Genevieve Geoffrion

Vista’s 2020 Wish Week is officially in full swing. The student body and community has reached the halfway point of the week and is only continuing to support Je’Moni’s Wish Week, whether it’s through dress up days, going out to eat or attending the events. 

This morning, the halls were flooded with an assortment of colors and winter and summer attire. The halls perfectly resembled the TV show “Phineas and Ferb” — the “s’winter” dress up day looked like it was straight out of the Disney Channel show. The day not only served as a reminder of Je’Moni’s favorite TV show, but was also a unique opportunity for students and faculty to get creative with their outfits. 

“S’winter was definitely my favorite dress up day this week. Our entire track team went all out, and the seniors even wore it to their signing day,” Ashton Lambert, 10, said. 

When the final bell rang and the school day came to a close, students shuffled out and headed home. however the Wish Week events were far from over. As the clock struck 5 p.m., students flooded Chick-fil-A in efforts of supporting tonight’s sponsors. Women’s soccer and the Unified program were among the many who were there. 

 “I really loved going all together because I felt like it helped us bond and connect off the field. I love hanging with the lower class and making them feel like they are included in everything because I remember myself as a freshman and sophomore feeling scared and lonely to come into this new chapter of my life playing soccer with people I didn’t know,” Ashleigh Willette, 12, said. 

At 6:30 p.m., the South Suburban Ice Arena was lively with Vista hockey fans ready to enjoy the night. Student Leadership’s smiling faces greeted fans as they piled into the arena. Students had the opportunity to lace up some skates of their own and enjoy an hour of free skating in a secondary rink before the game started. Vista hockey players joined the crowd before mentally and physically preparing for the game later that night.

“It [the game] was pretty cool, there were a lot of excited people and energy. My favorite part was listening to everyone cheer,” Jacob Tatro, 9, said. 

Pressures escalated as the hockey game creeped up on the players and fans. As the players warmed up for the game, fans completely filled the stands and awaited the game. Tradition calls for the annual honorary puck drop; this year’s honorees were Vista’s 2019 wish kid Chad and Highlands Ranch’s 2020 Wish kid. The National Anthem followed the puck drop and was sung by Sarah Grimm, 11. 

Throughout the game, both teams battled for the win, the final score was 4-3 in Vista’s favor. Zach Anderson, 12, Ethan Dupree, 11, and Jacob Strawn, 10, all scored in the game…some even twice. 

“It [singing the National Anthem] might have been the most nerve racking, yet thrilling, experience of my life,” Sarah Grimm, 11, said. “There’s really nothing to compare it to.” 

Andy’s was an all-day celebration that gave students an extra fundraiser opportunity outside of Chick-fil-A. The majority of students visited the sweet-filled franchise after the hockey game, not only treating themselves to dessert but further supporting Wish Week. 

“I went to Andy’s to support Wish Week and to help out Ja’moni in a sense,” David Smith 11, said. 

The day came to a successful close around 11 p.m.,with the countdown to the final assembly and additional events only continuing. 


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