How to Avoid Hypothermia: Halloween Edition


Mandira Gowda


People generally say that Colorado experiences all four seasons, ranging from a hot, blistering summer to a vibrant fall. While it seems like a blessing, it’s hard to tell when these four seasons will occur, especially when Colorado experiences wild temperature changes, from 32ºF one day to 70ºF the next.

In October 2019, winter surprisingly decided to show up earlier than usual. And when it knocked on Colorado’s door, it brought a freezing Halloween with it.

So, if you had plans to be a superhero or any sexy form of something normal, you might want to reconsider, unless hypothermia is an accessory to your costume. Here are five last minute ideas for warm Halloween costumes! 


  • Sim


Do you own a closet? Are you able to put together any form of warm clothing? This costume is for you! Simply put together an ensemble of your most comfortable clothing, then print out a plumbob to place on your head. Ta da! 


  • Santa/Krampus


Are you a fan of celebrating Christmas way too early? This costume is a perfect combination of Halloween and Christmas, festive and spooky. With a heavy red coat, snow boots and a white beard, you can put together this costume in no time and keep all of your body warm, including your chin. 


  • Robber


Dressing as a robber leaves much up to the creative mind. The only required part of the costume is a ski mask, but if you don’t have one, you can always just cut holes for eyes from a sock placed on your head. Just combine dark colors, maybe a winter coat, some gloves, and boom! Now you can legally dress up as a robber for one day of the year (with the exception of school).  


  • Mario and Luigi


Need a warm couple’s/partner’s idea for Halloween? Dress up as a classic: Mario and Luigi. Just get red and green t-shirts, blue overalls, and a hat, and you’ve got your costume all ready to go!


  • Clown


A classic last-minute clown is always recognizable by the red makeup on the nose and lips. Truly, all you need is red lipstick and some form of artistic ability, and there you go! Wear any warm form of clothing, paint your face, and you’re good to go!