LIVE BLOG: Mountain Vista vs. Ralston Valley 8/30/19


7:17 – Welcome to tonight’s live blog! Mountain Vista Media will be covering the first home game for the varsity football team of the 2019 season. We will be providing you photos and game updates of tonight’s game. Please follow Vista Now on Twitter (@vista_now) and Instagram (@vista_now) for more coverage of tonight’s game.

7:21 – Start of the first delay by 22 minutes.

7:25 – The stadium is evacuated on account of a lightning delay. There’s an approximated delay of around 30 minutes.

7:32 –  Rain has started to pour on the stadium.

8:23 – After a 50 minute delay, the audience has started to fill the bleachers once more and the football team is coming out to get the game started.

8:32- Teams are huddling and heading off while the marching band is getting the school spirit up and the game started.

8:35- Matthew Schroer, sings the National Anthem before official kickoff.

8:39- Game begins with the kickoff by Ralston Valley.

8:42- Starting the game off with a strong start, Chase Wilson, #2, makes the first play.

8:47- First touchdown was made by Ralston Valley, leading Vista by 0 – 7.

8:55- Ralston Valley scores another touchdown making the score 0-14.

8:56- With 3:32 minutes left in the first half, Ralston Valley kicks off.

9:02- Quarterback Jacob Barrett, #12, makes a run to get the first down.

9:04- Running back Matthew Smith, #20, makes a log run to get another first down for Vista.

9:06- Ethan Love, #3, makes a catch which brings it to third down and two yards to go.

9:07- That is the end of the first quarter here at Shea Stadium.

9:09- Wide receiver Carter Ortega, #6, scores Vista’s first touchdown of the game, bringing the score to 7-14, Mustangs.

9:16- The Golden Eagles make their first down.

9:22- Vista scored a field goal, bringing the score to 10-14, Mustangs. There is 5:37 left in the second quarter.

9:26- Ralston Valley gets a first down; the ball is now on Vista’s 40 yard line.

9:29- Ralston Valley Completes a over 30 yard pass to get the first down.

9:32- Ralston Valley completes a pass to get the ball on Vista’s 11 yard line.

9:35- Ralston Valley misses a field goal keeping the score at 10-14, Mustangs. There is 1:08 left in the half.

9:38- Running back Matt Smith, #20, runs the ball 45 yards, placing the ball at the 50 yard line.

9:40- Quarterback Jacob Barrett, #12, runs the ball to get a first down. A timeout was called by Mountain Vista with 21 seconds remaining in the second quarter.

9:43- Vista turns the ball over with 17 seconds left in the half.

9:44- Ralston Valley calls a time out with five seconds left in the first half.

9:45- Vista intercepts the ball at the end of the half. The score remains 10-14, Mustangs as we enter half time.

9:55- Marching band takes the field, whipping out their instruments and getting ready for their performance.

As halftime concludes, the sound of a whistle kicks off the next half.

10:04 – Starting the third quarter, score 10-14.

10:08- Ralston Valley makes a 30 yard catch and run down to the 28 yard line.

10:09-Completion down to the three yard line made by Ralston Valley.

10:10- Ralston Valley runs it in from the three yard line to extend their lead to 21-10. Extra point was good.

10:16- Vista player Sam Krysa injured. Will be back to play shortly.

10:26- Vista trails 10-28, them now lining up to defend on the ten yard line.

10:35:-In the 3rd quarter of the game, with 2:52 left, Vista punts the ball to Ralston.

10:38- First down by Ralston Valley for run of 10.

10:42- Vance Betts, #55, gets injured on the 25 yard line.

10:50- Vista runs down to the 13 yard line with 7:45 minutes left in the 4th quarter.

11:02- As the quarter comes to an end, Vista is down 18-42 with five minutes remaining in the game.

11:07- In the last moments of the game Vista gets a breakaway, gaining over 40 yard rush, resulting in a touchdown. The score now being 24-42.

11:13- The final whistle is blown and Vista fans start heading home after a tough loss, the score being 26-24.