Less Than 24 Hours Is All You Need



They say this generation is going to be the ones to change the world, but in a time like these past couple weeks it is hard to believe. It is until someone shows a simple act of selflessness to show a school in the most tragic of situations that everyone is lending a helping hand.  

Sophomore Pierce Avner, in less than 24 hours, created a poster for all Vista students to sign and state their condolences for the students and staff at STEM School in Highlands Ranch.

“[TSA] works hand in hand with STEM so I know a lot of people that go to school there,” Avner said. “They are a charter school so sometimes they can feel disconnected with DCSD activities. I want them to know we are here to support them.”

Vista and STEM are competitors in technology so Avner wanted to put that thought aside and show them they may be separate but in a time like this we all have to be together as one. With GoFundme’s for medical bills and teddy bears for the kindergartners, Avner knew there needed to be something done for the school as a whole and something to boost their morals.

To put Avner’s process into prospective: the tragic incident at STEM happened at 1:53 pm on May 7 and at 7:01 am on May 8, TSA officers received a text from Avner explaining how he wanted to create this poster. Everyone was on board.

“We have all the equipment we need in the tech room to print a vinyl poster,” Avner said. “I came in early that morning and designed it on the computer by finding STEM’s logo and added ‘Mountain Vista stands with STEM Highlands Ranch’ to show them we are here for them. It only took 10 or so minutes to print and it was ready by A lunch for signatures.”

In less than 24 hours, Avner put differences and competitors aside and created this poster to share with STEM and give them something to add to their morals in this difficult time.