5 Reasons We Need to Save the Bees



  1. Bees Pollinate Fruits and Vegetables
    Bees are one of the main pollinators of all crops on Earth. According to Sustain, it’s estimated that around 80% of crops in the United States are dependent on honey bees to pollinate and produce more crops. Without bees, the amount of food and vegetables available for consumption would rapidly decline, further exasperating the health problems of our country and leaving more children hungry.
  2. Without Bees, Our Economy Will Implode
    Farmers rely heavily on bees to sustain their crops because they are free and they don’t harm the plants due to their small size. Without bees, crop fruition would plummet and farmers would no longer be able to maintain the large commercial farms they do now. As a result, the amount of farmers in our country would also decline and negatively affect the economy in a ripple effect. There are also many private beekeepers and commercial honey producers who would suffer tremendously from the lack of bees and cause the same disastrous effect on the economy.
  3. No More Flowers
    Because bees are the main pollinator of flowering plants without them nature would be dull and dead looking. Flowers would cease to grow and reproduce and even flowering trees would no longer bloom. Picture the scene in The Bee Movie after the bees have stopped doing their jobs. The world appears to almost be in black and white it’s so dull without the beauty of nature. It may be a silly example, but it’s the only tangible example of what our world would look like without bees.
  4. No More Honey
    While the loss of bees would cause many other environmental issues, an obvious one is the loss of honey. This natural sweetener is an integral part of many people’s lives as a source of sugar in tea and on toast without the repercussions of preservatives. Honey also has many other health benefits as a source of important vitamins, and local honey is proven to be a factor in the longevity of people in “Blue Zones”. (“Blue Zones” are regions of the earth where people live unusually long lives)
  5. They Are an Intricate and Beautiful Part of Nature
    Although many people run away from bees when they see them, if you take a moment to observe them they are really fascinating elements of nature. They are very protective of their queen and form in swarms around her, responding to her every need and want. They also dance to communicate, which makes for one of nature’s most impressive shows. While the thought of being stung may be frightening, their stinger is one of the most impressive defense mechanisms, even if they die after using it.