The Future of the Freight Farm


//Annabelle Kiely//

The Freight Farm is now well established at Mountain Vista as a source of fresh greens and a good learning environment for Vista students. Mr. Olson, an Algebra teacher has been helping out with the farm and sees a bright future for the spread of the concept to other high schools.

“I see the Freight Farm at Mountain Vista as being this example for other schools of a really cool way to integrate learning and productive food agriculture,” Olson said. “I’d like to see a freight farm at every single high school.”

The Freight Farm doesn’t just provide a learning experience for those interested in sustainable agriculture, but also for our basic science classes.

“I’d like to see it integrated into chemistry classes because of the PH of the water that we use,” said Olson.

But the learning opportunities of the Freight Farm don’t stop at science classes.

“As a math teacher, I try to find ways to create lessons around it,” Olson said.

“There’s a lot of places to go with the Freight Farm, here at Mountain Vista we’re trying to make it more efficient, more productive, more integrated with the school.”

One thing is clear; the future of the Freight Farm is a bright one.