FINISHED LIVE BLOG: Varsity Basketball vs. Rangeview (Final Four)

8:45 – Vista falls to the Raiders, 51-62. Thank you for tuning in tonight and following our live updates.


8:39 – One minute remains in regulation. Rangeview leads, 60-51.


8:37 – Luke Boeyink and Rhys Pulling check into the game. Vista trails, 51-59.


8:34 – With two minutes remaining in the game, Rangeview leads by eight. The score is 48-56.


8:24 – Ben Grusing nails a three pointer. Vista calls a 30 second timeout with 4:34 to go in the game.


8:20 – Simon May makes both free throws. Rangeview leads, 49-36.


8:15 – Foul called on Simon May. This is his third personal foul and Vista’s sixth team foul. Rangeview continues to lead, 48-34.


8:14 –

Some photos from the third quarter:

8:11 – The third quarter has concluded. Rangeview now leads 43-32.


8:10 – Ben Bowen checks into the game. Rangeview leads, 41-32.


8:06 – Foul called on Luke Boeyink. This is his second personal foul and Vista’s third team foul.


8:04 – Spencer Thomas and Reece Kelly check back into the game. Rangeview still leads, 36-27.


8:00 – Vista calls their first timeout of the half. Rangeview leads, 33-25.


7:56 – The second half is now underway.


7:54 – Vista has returned to the court.


7:50 – Stats from the first half:


7:48 –

Some photos from the first half:

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7:46 – At the end of the first half, Vista trails the Raiders, 21-28.


7:43 – Ben Grusing tips-in the ball for his third basket of the night. Rangeview calls their first timeout. Vista trails, 21-26.


7:42 – Ryhs Pulling fouls Rangeview for the second time tonight. It is Vista’s fifth team foul. Rangeview’s Jodaun Dotson hits both of his free throws. Vista trails 26-19.


7:37 – Ryhs pulling fouls Christian Speller and his basket is good. Speller’s free throw attempt misses. Vista trails 19-24.


7:35 – Rangeview fouls Vista for the third time tonight. Vista ties the game, 19-19.


7:33 – Corban Gamble is fouled. His two shots at the free throw line are successful. Vista trails, 15-17.



7:31 – At the end of the first quarter, Vista trails the Raiders, 17-13. Ben Bowen hit a big three-pointer in the final seconds.


7:30 – Rangeview’s Christopher Speller draws the foul and gets an and-1. The free throw is successful. Vista down in the final seconds of the first quarter, 10-17.


7:25 – May and Ben Grusing score their first points of the game. Vista trails, 6-8, with 2:42 left in the first quarter.


7:23 – Simon May picks up his first team foul.


7:21 – Vista trails 4-2. Raiders overthrow a pass. Vista ball. 5:25 left in the first quarter.


7:20 – Easy lay-ups for both teams. We are tied, 2-2.


7:19 – We are underway here at the Denver Coliseum. Raiders ball. 0-0.


7:15 – Team introductions have started.


7:05 – Longmont defeats Pueblo East, 61-49. They will play Lewis Palmer High School tomorrow for the 4A championship. Vista has started their warm-ups.


7:00 – Vista moved toward their student section to begin stretching for the game. Longmont leads Pueblo East, 59-49, with 1:10 left in the game.


6:55 – Vista has returned to the court. Longmont leads Pueblo East, 50-47, with 3:24 left in the game.


6:46 – This is our view for tonight’s game. Longmont leads Pueblo East, 49-41, with 6:01 left in the game. 


6:45: The Golden Eagles left the stands and are headed back to the locker room before game time.


6:34: Vista and Rangeview are currently waiting for the last 4A Final Four game to finish. Longmont High School leads Pueblo East High School, 36-24, with 3:56 to go in the third quarter.


6:33 –  Both teams have a 24-2 record coming into tonight’s game. Last weekend, Rangeview defeated last year’s state champion, Grandview High School, by a score of 49-39. Senior Quincey Jewett helped the Raiders punch their ticket to tonight’s Final Four match-up, scoring 10 points and blocking three shots against the Wolves. Don’t be surprised if you hear his name a lot tonight.

Vista made their way to the Final Four with a 77-72 win over Smoky Hill High School. The Golden Eagle point guard, senior Ben Grusing, scored 20 points and made three assists to help Vista defeat the Buffaloes. He will be the player to watch for on Vista’s team.


6:30 – Welcome to tonight’s live blog. Mountain Vista Media will be covering the men’s varsity basketball final four match against Rangeview High School. We will be providing you with photos and game updates throughout the night.