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Students sported several different sports jerseys on the second day of Wish Week. From basketball to football to hockey, there was no shortage of sport jerseys. “I love participating in dress up days and seeing so many people support our wish kid,” junior Megan Hodges said.

Once the final bell rang at 2:50 p.m. students filled the gym to support the unified basketball team in their game against Highlands Ranch High School. After a dance party during halftime, unified went on to beat the Falcons, 64-59. “I just feel excited for them because I think oftentimes they can be overlooked so just to see them get excited and to be overjoyed about something is a special feeling,” senior Aubyn Snyder said.

From one basketball game to the next, more students came to support our women’s varsity basketball team in their game against Legend High School. During the first half of the game Legend was able to take a strong lead.

At halftime, Vista’s varsity co-ed cheer team performed their routine for the student body. “It was great to see everyone’s faces as we did our routine,” junior Haley Watson said. “They seemed like they really enjoyed it.” The junior varsity poms also preformed during half time. “I loved watching the junior poms,” junior Maya O’Grady said. “It was so cool to see what they can do.”

Once the players returned to the court they fought back, Vista was able to come back and go on a 13-0 run on the Titans. Through out the remainder of the game, it was foul after foul for both teams. In the end Vista lost, 36-40. “It was a tough loss since it’s Wish Week and it’s our own house,” sophomore point guard Sara Vafaie said.

With them gym packed, the boys varsity team took the court to take on Legend. With an intense first half filled with points, cheers, and lots of yelling, Vista ended the first half with a two point lead over the Titans.

During halftime, they varsity poms team took the stage preforming a breath taking hip-hop routine.

The Golden Eagles were able to maintain their lead in the second half and defeated Legend, 69-58. “We lost to them last year and we didn’t want to do that again,” Simon May, 12, said. “We wanted to show up and win which really impacted the team’s performance.”

During all three basketball games, Key Club hosted a spaghetti dinner for the entire Vista community. All proceeds went towards Vista’s Wish Week.

Photos by Soren Brockway, Kayleigh Cryer, Hannah Corbet-Thiele, Cami Fowler, Genevieve Geoffrion, Paige Gerling, Anne Gerringer, Kei Ivery, Hannah Jenkins, Emily McClenathan, Teia Wossilek, Ben Yoshida