To Date or Not To Date

To Date or Not To Date



In high school, many teens are faced with the decision of whether to date or not to date. Healthy relationships are obviously worth the time and effort, yet these mature relationships are hard to come by during these years of our lives. High school dating has its pros and cons, and whether it is worth pursuing is up to you.

Being in a healthy and stable relationship is a hard thing to come by, especially in high school. You are faced with many more challenges than you would five years from now. However, when you do find a good balance between spending time with each other, in addition to family and friends, all while managing school, it can ultimately be worth it. Not only are the countless memories worth it, but also the experiences you will get out of a relationship. It exposes you to different personalities, traits, and ways of life. Being able to talk to someone about the little things you get excited about, and having them be just as excited is the best part of a relationship. At the end of a crazy day or week, being able to know you can always talk to them makes it all worth it.

High school relationships have a certain romanticized appeal, yet the fact of the matter is that many of them are not very mature or healthy. At such a young age and with low emotional IQ, many teenagers endure counterproductive relationships. And although it is possible, it is very unlikely that two people are able to mutually commit and put in the effort an adult relationship requires. There is also the fact that many high schoolers move away for work or college after they graduate. With the high possibility of moving in different directions, it isn’t very likely that a high school relationship will amount to anything more in adulthood.

High school relationships will have both a positive and negative impact on a student’s life. Deciding to participate in them or not is a personal decision. Being able to assess whether or not a person is ready for a relationship is up to them after they’ve taken all the ups and downs of dating into consideration.