When You Have To Go, You Have To Go.

When You Have To Go, You Have To Go.


Sometimes you have to go to the bathroom, but the question is, will you go? Sanitation and other factors can determine whether you hold it or use the restroom.

Here at Mountain Vista, there is much discussion regarding the cleanliness of the bathrooms. Vista students say that some bathrooms are better than others.

“The upper 300’s bathroom is definitely the cleanest bathroom in the school, it seems to always smell the least bad out of all the bathrooms here at Mountain Vista,” junior Matthew Nelson said.

A poll of 200 votes was conducted about whether or not students use the restrooms at school. There was a final result of “when you have to go…” with 46% of the students choosing that answer. The other options were “yes, they’re nice!” with only 4% choosing that answer, “No, they’re gross!” with 33% of the votes and finally “No, I go home” with 17% of the votes.

Going home to use the bathroom or holding it until you’re home is an actual thing that students will do.

“Ew I would never walk into the school bathrooms, I would always go home when I have to use the bathroom,” senior Zoe Kirsch said. However, some students don’t have the luxury option of going home to use the bathroom, so the question is, what does that 33% of students do?

“I don’t have the option of going home to use the bathroom since my house isn’t in a reasonable distance from the school, so during the day I try to limit my fluid intake so I can wait until I get home from school,” junior Anna Von Hoene said.

The school bathrooms have been a controversy for as long as I can remember. Either there is toilet paper on the floor, the toilets aren’t flushed, the sink or hand dryer is broken or it just smells disgusting.

Without proper cleanliness of our bathrooms we are at risk for getting sick and even catching diseases. The common cold, E-coli, and Hepatitis A all flourish in public toilets and sinks waiting to infect people. Bad things lurk on toilet seats, sinks and hand dryers so the ultimate question is can you wait to use the bathroom, or is the risk worth the reward?