OPINION: Five Essential Apps To Get You Through Finals



Finals are here and all of us could use some help to get through them. Whether you need help reducing your stress, studying or organizing your busy study schedule, there’s an app for you. Here are the top five apps to get you through finals;

  1. Quizlet – Quizlet is by far the BEST app for studying for your finals. Quizlet is a flashcard app where you can create your own flashcard set or use sets that users have created before you. The app offers several different ways to study such as matching games and practice tests.
  2. Photomath – If you’re having problems with math and you don’t have the opportunity to ask your teacher how to solve a certain problem, this app is up your alley. Photomath allows you to take a picture of a math problem and it will show you the steps to help you solve for the answer. Through my experience, it is very useful for those who are taking an algebra class.
  3. Simple Habit- This may sound cheesy, but meditation is a fantastic way to increase productivity and decrease stress. Simple Habit is a meditation app that guides you through 5 minute daily meditations that help you to relax and be more productive.
  4. MinimaList- MinimaList helps you organize your lists and tasks you’ve set for yourself prior to your finals. The app lets you make multiple lists and check them off once you have accomplished all of your tasks. MinimaList also has an option that allows you to set a timer to make your phone inaccessible. During that time, the app plays study music to keep you on task and to help you limit your distractions.
  5. Kahoot- The beloved quiz game for public school education is also an app. You can find your teachers review Kahoots and utilize them for review purposes. You can also play on other teachers’ Kahoots that were created for other subjects or even make your own to study with your friends. Whether you use the Kahoot app to study on your own or you create the most epic study group gathering of all time, it’s certain to help you memorize the curriculum you’ve learned over the semester.