OPINION: What to expect if you are planning to participate in Walkout Wednesday

OPINION: What to expect if you are planning to participate in Walkout Wednesday


After a gunman opened fire on Feb. 14 at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, 17 innocent students were killed and 17 more were wounded using a semi-automatic weapon. Since then, communities, including many students, have fiercely spoken out to advocate for more gun control in the US. Meanwhile, there has been little response from Congress, claiming that the main concern in this case is not the accessibility to guns, but a mental health issue.

On Wed. March 14, a month after the shooting, a student led walkout will be held at Mountain Vista, and other schools across the country to protest the lack of legislation by Congress regarding gun control. At 10 a.m., students who are passionate about this issue are urged to participate in a peaceful walkout. Students will meet in the front of Vista for 17 minutes, one for each victim of the Parkland shooting.

E-mails have been sent out to Mountain Vista staff asking teachers to not punish students for exercising their freedoms of speech and assembly by marking them absent or tardy during this time. Principal Michael Weaver is also aware of the protest and supports the student’s right to protest peaceful.

Some may say that we are too young to understand the severity of this subject, or that we are too young to influence Congress’s decision. Let’s prove them wrong. In the next presidential election, the majority of current high school students will be able to vote. Now is the time to start learning about these controversies and, most importantly, expressing our opinion on these matters. There have been #enough school shootings, #enough innocent students killed, and #enough thoughts and prayers. It is time for reform and Wed. March 14 is when it starts.