Blog: High School Has Not Prepared Me For College

Blog: High School Has Not Prepared Me For College


With an end to senior year, there is already a start to college. There are endless applications and essays. All which could never be the same. There is all of this stress about college even though there is still senior year to get through.

High school has not prepared me for any of this.

Last semester was the first time I learned how to write a college essay. Essays are easy and boring to write, but when I had to write an essay that makes me stand out I was lost. There was never any creative aspect to any formal paper.

I never thought senioritis would hit. Now I can’t wait until senior skip days. Honestly, I think they should be every Friday.

There is more stress than ever to figure out what college I would like to go to and what can be afforded. On top of that, there is still constant busy work that must be completed for any of my plans to be implemented.

Most college plans are up in the air. Scholarships aren’t usually granted until the end of the year. They also require a whole different essay from the college required essay and a whole different application. All of these scholarships have to be found without any help from counseling or teachers.

As a typical female, there are not a lot of scholarships for me. I am not a midget. I am not left-handed. I am just pretty average trying to make it through college without being in debt.

Classes become more and more useless. Every college student I talk to already says that high school is not a representation of college. This information makes high school classes more useless to me.

The one thing I know that I will not be prepared for is note taking. I have never learned how to take notes out of a text book or even how to review the notes that teachers forced me to take. My notes usually end up in landfills.

Rather than lectures, high school has presented different projects and assignments. Lectures are what drives college classes. Yet since high school students get bored, teachers imagesavoid them.

I would rather be lectured. I would rather have the attention span to actively engage in a lecture.

The only thing I have really learned is how to stay up all night and wake up early.

High school has not prepared me for what college is truly like.