Freshmen Talk: StudLE

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The end of eighth grade year brought the excitement of freshmen year. For a handful of freshmen, it also brought the opportunity to be involved at Mountain Vista High School first hand. Kendall Crepeau, Janey Galligan, Cam Hancock, Regan Lavallee and Grace Matsey were selected to join Student Leadership, (StudLE).

As freshmen year is wrapping up, what was it like to be in StudLE? What were the freshmen’s favorite moments? What are their plans for next year?

“My favorite thing about StudLE is how close we all are. We are a family.” Matsey said.

In past years, Student Leadership has been close, but this year, StudLE emphasized being ‘all in,’ which started with getting to know the freshmen. This allowed the 31 students to become a second family.

Decorating the 300 pod for Homecoming was the first big assignment the freshmen in leadership were assigned to do by themselves. After rolls of butcher paper were hung and different embellishments made, the hallway was completed.

“They [upperclassmen] are really good at incorporating us into things.” Hancock said.

The idea of the StudLE family made the class closer as a whole and being ‘all in’ eliminated the grade and age spans.

“I love the bond that we all have together. It is not scary [to work with upperclassmen] which I feel like is what some people would think.” Galligan said.

As the year progressed, the leadership freshmen flairs began to be revealed. StudLE presented the freshmen with different opportunities like planning events which was accepted.

“I like leadership because you have different chances to shine and branch out of your comfort zone to people that you know will support you.” Lavallee said.

The trip to Washington DC was another opportunity for the freshmen to grow in leadership. Through exploring different areas via metro and trolley, StudLE was able to learn new things about each other that they can use in the future.

“My favorite part of the trip was getting to be with student leadership all week and getting closer then we were before.” Crepeau said.

Student Leadership provided these freshmen with an opportunity to be involved and to show what they could do. They joined the StudLE fam and are looking forward to continuing to lead the class of 2018 in the future.