Seventeen Students Recognized by the Douglas County School Board


Tuesday, Sept. 2 17 students from Mountain Vista High School were recognized by the Douglas County School Board on their achievements in extracurricular activities.

The clubs recognized by the board were Technology Student Association (TSA), Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), Family Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) and Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA).

In order for a student to receive this award they had to place first in their state competition.  Lindsay Stroud, a DECA member, placed first for her 6 month creation of the Kabobery.

The Kabobery is a two part restraunt. One part is a four course fine dining restaurant that specializes in kabobs and the other is a to go version of the restaurant.

This creation of the Kabobery is not just a project for a club, it is a dream for Stroud. “It was really exciting because it’s actually something I want to do in the future so I was really happy and satisfied.” said Stroud.

Another student that had been recognized was senior Madison August and her partner, senior Karly Geist, from FCCLA.

“We got gold for the focus on children. We did a topic on cyber-bullying.” August said.

August has a sister who has gotten cyber bullied multiple times.

“We talked to the middle school and showed a clip from the movie ‘mvhs_sept2Cyber Bully’. With all these programs that try to stop bullying, the middle schoolers still didn’t know how to stop it.” she said.

August is trying to help others have the best high school experience.

“At state, it was interesting to see different ideas and all the different problems like healthy choices. We thought we had a good current event. Knowing that we worked really hard and won gold was something to remember,” August said, “Karly and I are very passionate about cyber-bullying and FCCLA.”

Middle school drama continues in high school.

“The middle schoolers didn’t know how their reputation in middle school carries on to high school.” August said.

Stroud and August are 2 students out of seventeen students to receive recognition.  Every student that received an award put countless hours and hard work to make their dreams come true.