A Negative Mind Will Never Give you a Positive Life


“Makeup is a supplement, not a requirement.” said youtuber Ingrid Nilsen (youtube makeup guru @missglamorazzi.) During an interview with teen vogue Ingrid said “Being comfortable with no makeup on actually made me enjoy makeup even more    because I saw it purely as a supplement that enhanced my life , but I wasn’t relying on it as my sole source of confidence.”

Health, fitness and makeup: students and people all over the country either love it or you hate it. Everybody has the choice to treat their body well, or treat it poorly. When making theimages-1 amazing decision to be healthy one is either making that decision because you they love their body, or they hate it.

Students interviewed around the school about where fitness and health stands in their life and why gave mediocre responses. Many claimed that they attempted to maintain their health–to eat their veggies and maybe walk their dog–but missed out on the true meaning. A sophomore who chose to remain anonymous said “I have a very bad body image.”

Countless boys and girls at Vista of all years reported that they keep healthy because they have self esteem issues, peer pressure, or they hate their bodies. While these may seem like valid reasons, no one should not be healthy because they hate their body. Instead, everyone should treat their bodies great because they love themselves.

Ladies, this same thing goes with makeup. Junior Heather Michel said “I believe that instead of covering up my face, makeup enhances my natural beauty,” Almost all of the students interviewed wear makeup because they feel that they look ugly without it. As common as this mindset is, it still is not acceptable. Everyone should feel comfortable and beautiful in their own skin before they wear makeup. Makeup should be used to bring out one’s natural beauty because everyone is beautiful in their own way!

Although people may feel the need to wear makeup and workout, it is not appropriate if worn/done for the wrong reasons. Makeup is great to boost confidence by enhancing natural beauty, and mainting health is amazing for treating a body with respect along with a more a better looking body. However,  if someone loads on makeup because they’re insecure or takes on a fad diet because they have a bad body image then they have the wrong motives and will not succeed as much as one who loves themseleves.


This may be hard to apply into one’s own life, but most certainly not impossible!

Here are some tips to exceed at self motivation:

1.)Follow uplifting instagram pages to find quotes, yummy recipes, and motivation pictures/memes.

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2.)Check out some you-tube makeup gurus who will give you makeup tips while positivley encouraging viewers.

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