Madison Paul



Yesterday the hallway was full of students wearing jerseys of all kinds representing every kind of team. The apparel helped to build the competitiveness for Ruff and Tuff throughout the day. 

Ruff and Tuff began at 5:30 p.m. in both gyms. Friends were competing against friends, which did nothing but create more intensity in the various matches.  The whole night was full of uncoordinated, smack-talking filled, entertaining volleyball. 

The two teams to make it to the semi-final fought hard to a quick game of 15. The “Rec League” and “Guys in Jorts” played smart, but, ultimately, wanted to make it to the finals. On another court, the “Temple Club” and “The Nesquik” also fought to make it to finals. After all of the teams fought their battles “Rec League” and the “Temple Club” made it to the finals. 

In another fast game to 15 the “Rec League” swooped the win with a score of 15-9. The boys’ volleyball team has held the Ruff and Tuff title for three years, and this year they managed to keep the tradition going. 

“Every year the Varsity volleyball guys get together and play,” senior Harrison Paul said. “It is a fun way for the guys to hang out before the real season starts.”