PRETTYMUCH Concert Review


Emery Davis


The Fillmore Auditorium

PRETTYMUCH, a boy band based in Los Angeles, CA  was discovered by talent agent Simon Cowell and made a stop in Denver for a show on their “FOMO Tour” with singer Kenzie Ziegler opening.

The band started out as five different solo artists creating careers for themselves, yet later became one cohesive band in 2016. Often times, their music features themes of sappy romance and typical young love. They are the literal definition of a boy band, and they have the audience hooked. 

For their show, PRETTYMUCH had a very unique set on the stage; one you wouldn’t typically see at a venue like Fillmore Auditorium. Typically, the acts at the Fillmore just perform on the stage with a backdrop and possibly some platforms. However PRETTYMUCH opted for a much more intricate set. The back middle of the stage had a large platform about 6 feet off the ground with large ramps leading up to it and a clear space for dancing on the stage. The band used this as an advantage to showcase their complicated choreography which was surprisingly, very in sync.

As the audience waited for the opening show to appear, a heavy tension spread throughout the Fillmore. Once the five members finally appeared after much waiting, the crowd went crazy. Already, so many people were shouting for their favorite members and even crying. For the majority of the show, PRETTYMUCH kept the audience alive and energetic using a mix of audience interaction and performances of their most popular music. 

If you were in the room that night, it would be obvious that PRETTYMUCH has a very solid fan base full of people of all genders and ages. You could tell almost everyone there had a deep connection through the band’s music, regardless of who they were outside of that auditorium. What their far future holds isn’t quite clear at the moment, but whatever it is, fans are eagerly waiting.

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