PHOTOS: Men’s Basketball Against Highlands Ranch


Photo by Molly Houser

//Molly Houser//

On Friday, Jan. 17, all levels of men’s basketball competed against Highlands Ranch High School. The anticipated games against Vista’s main rivals had the bleachers packed with students ready to cheer on the teams. The games were nothing short of tense and booming with noise. Despite the excitement, varsity and C team fell to the opponents. In contrast, JV won after defeating Highlands Ranch 55-42.

“As a team, we really made a lot of strides in our defense on the defensive end,” varsity player Ben Bowen, 11, said. “We held their leading score to just the points but then on the offensive end, we really struggle. I had my worst game offensively and a lot of other people did as well. We definitely made a lot of strides as a team and we’re just going to try and continue to build on that.”

Photos by Molly Houser, Natalie Barnard, Alexa Purcell, and Cami Fowler