Maya Winslow Tears ACL in Club Soccer

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Maya Winslow Tears ACL in Club Soccer


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Athletes like sophomore Maya Winslow push themselves to their breaking point and sustain injuries such as an ACL tear like Winslow has.

“It’s hard [to go through an injury like this] because I’ve devoted so much time to club soccer,” Winslow said. “I was sad at first but I’m using this time to study the game.” She attends every game and practice to support her team.

This major injury has caused Winslow to take some time off from soccer.

“I have a lot of free time now and don’t know what to do with it,” she said. “I am scheduled to come back eight months from now.” She is staying focused to come back as soon as she can.

Even with an injury like this, Winslow does what she can to stay active.

“I do exercises for my knee for two hours everyday,” she said. She is devoted to come back from this injury.

Women’s soccer is around the corner at Vista, but due to her injury Winslow will not be able to play.

“I might manage a team this year,” she said. “But I have to stay focused on recovery.” Winslow plans to stay involved this high school season to support the sport she loves.