Student of the Week: Marc Mumper

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Student of the Week is a series designed to help everyone at Mountain Vista High School learn more about their fellow classmates. This week: Senior Marc Mumper

Eagle Eye: What’s your full name?

Marc Mumper: Marc James Mumper.IMG_0006

EE: Where were you born?

MM: Highlands Ranch, Colorado.

EE: What is your favorite color?

MM: Blue.

EE: What is something people don’t know about you?

MM: I have an older sister.

EE: What do you do in your free time?

MM: Hang out with friends or play baseball.

EE: What is the most interesting thing that has happened to you at school?

MM: Wearing all of the cool spirit outfits.

EE: What do you plan to do after high school?

MM: Go to college.

EE: Where are you going to college?

MM: Grand Canyon University to play baseball.

EE: What was the process of getting into Grand Canyon like?

MM: The coach contacted me sophomore year and I visited the college. Then they came to watch me play. After that they made me the offer and I verbally agreed, then I signed my national letter of intent.

EE: How does it feel to have been accepted and to play baseball for Grand Canyon?

MM: It definitely feels good. It’s relieving and kind of nerve wracking at the same time.

EE: How did you get into baseball?

MM: It started with my family. My dad coached for 30 years and he works with the White Sox as a scout.

EE: What is your best memory from baseball?

MM: Making it into the final four last year.1000869_675796619100727_97145292_n

EE: What was it like to make it into the final four?

MM: It was surreal. I always went to see the state championships so to make it to the final four was awesome.

EE: How would you compare this year’s team to last year’s.

MM: This year is different. The chemistry last year was ridiculous and it seems like we are trying to replicate yet, but we have a different identity.

EE: What are your goals for baseball in your life?

MM: I want to stay on as long as possible and play professionally or coach.