Choir Flash Mob during Assembly

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The 30-minute assembly Thursday April 23, was primarily for Spring Sports. However, there was a video giving credit to clubs and activities at Vista. In addition to this, Choir gave a speech about reasons for students to attend Goldust this year. They announced that senior Erick Sherwood would be singing his solo that he is going to sing during Goldust. In a surprise turn of events, all of choir did a flash mob to Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off.”

“It was fun but also nerve-wracking because we had to dance in front of the entire school,” sophomore Makenna Hemmerle said.

Everyone at the assembly seemed to enjoy the performance. Some students in the bleachers even got up and joined the dancers.

“The point was to get everyone exited about Goldust and hopefully get people to come,” Hemmerle said.

Only time will tell whether or not a lot of students will attend Goldust, but the flash mob definitely helped get students excited about it.