A Wrestler at Work


Photo by Anna Duffy

Anna Duffy


When on the mat, under the lights, nothing else matters. It’s a one-on-one battle. It’s about what he can push himself to do and only him. When asked who Adin Weaver is, the answer is simple. Wrestler.

Adin Weaver is a competitor. He has committed 13 years of his life to wrestling and puts in exceptional work to be great. This year, Adin is a senior captain, which comes with the responsibility of carrying his team on his back. 

“I work hard in the room, I don’t goof off, I just try to grind everything out and don’t ask questions,” Weaver said. “I set the mood [for] the rest of the room so people are willing to work hard.” 

With State rapidly approaching, Adin is zoned in. He is currently ranked fourth in the state, but strives to be the best. To compete and be an athlete, hard work must occur. Adin does more than the required- he does more than expected. 

“I workout during my off periods, I go to a training facility and do a little running every now and then.” 

Accompanying his determined work ethic, dieting plays a role in Adin’s day, and his teammates’ day. 

“I cut out heavy foods and focus on lean meats,” Weaver said. “The day before you weigh in, you have to cut out your water and flush your system out.” 

As Adin’s high school career comes to an end, his future is bright. Whether he pursues wrestling or focuses strictly on school, he has a plan for what’s next. 

“If I win state, I’ll probably get some scholarship offer and I might take it, [but] I’m going to go into the medical field,” Weaver said. “I want to be a neurosurgeon because the whole anatomy of everything is cool.” 

Wrestling is more than the practices after school, or competitions. For Adin, wrestling is his lifestyle. Adin doesn’t walk away from the substantial commitment wrestling requires off of the mat. No matter if Mountain Vista brings home a win, or a tough loss, Adin supports his teammates. His brothers. 

“I just try to help motivate and uplift the spirits,” Weaver said, “rather than shut [the team] down.”