Playing for a Purpose


Soren Brockway

//Anna Duffy//

The Mountain Vista girls volleyball team suited up before every game this season to play for each other with the hopes of winning. When October came around, the mindset changed. One game, one of the biggest games of the season, was more important than just winning. The girls were playing for more than themselves. They were playing for a cause. 

Fans flooded the stands to watch the girls face off against Regis in their Dig Pink game on Oct. 2. This was an important game of their season, not just for the sake of their record, but because they were making an impact on their community. 

“Dig Pink is in support of Breast Cancer Awareness month in October, and so we just have a bake sale to raise money for that,” Claire Wohlleber, 12, said. 

Students packed tight into the gym sporting the color pink and hooting and hollering as the Vista girls defeated Regis over three sets. The energy was high, the student section was alive and the girls came ready to play. 

“I think it’s a lot more fun to play really intense games because it makes everybody play better and want to win,” Kelli Ell, 11, said. 

Regis was a tough competitor, but the team camaraderie was evident and helped them come out with a win.

“I thought our chemistry was amazing,” Hannah Holmgren, 12, said. “We are connecting and playing super smart, and we never let up.” 

The girls made sure that even with all the excitement of the game, the true meaning behind why they were playing didn’t go unnoticed. Halftime was dedicated to raising money for breast cancer through the annual bake sale.

“So many people come to support the Dig Pink game because that’s probably one of our biggest games of the season,” Kate Roscoe, 10, said. “I think it’s a great way to raise money and build community. We always sell out of [baked goods] at the end, so it’s a really big turnout.” 

Along with wanting to support breast cancer, the girls worked tirelessly for a successful season. They made sure to focus on their team cohesion and coming together as a family.

“We do a lot of team bonding, which really brings us closer together, and we just have so much in common,” Ell said. 

Not only do the girls bond with each other, but they also have a strong relationship with the head coach, Doug Schafer. They adore him and respect his coaching decisions. They even have a funny line when talking about him: “#InDougWeTrust,” Wohlleber said.  

It is a powerful thing to take what you love and contribute to a greater cause. Dig Pink allows the varsity volleyball team to spread love and kindness throughout their school and community. 

“I honestly couldn’t be happier,” Aly Aeschleman, 12, said. “We worked so well together as a team, and I just couldn’t be more proud of everybody.”