DECA Internationals

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Making internationals in any sport or activity is a large achievement and it is no different for DECA. On Friday, May 2, 12 students from Vista left to go to Internationals in Atlanta, Georgia. A total of 15,000 students competed from Canada, China, Guam, Spain, Germany, and the United States.

Three students from Vista were recognized at the competition. Sarah Lanning was a in the top 10 for her category, Ali Smith won a medal for top test score, and Mariya Nenova won an international finalist medal because she had one of the best role plays, however she did not continue to the top 20 finals.

“Internationals as a freshman is an incredible opportunity because it is a very rare thing especially making it on stage. I am in awe to be competing against the rest of the world and making it to the top for my sales presentation,” freshman Mariya Nenova, said. “17,000 competitors and Mountain Vista was strong enough to be able to have three people take home a variety of medals.”

The students who went to the competition all said it was an amazing experience and they are happy they went.

Senior Lindsey Stroud said, “This opportunity as a whole taught me so much about international relations and presenting myself in general. I love DECA and I recommend it to everyone I talk to.”